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Laser Automotive Lighting

The incandescent bulb invented by Thomas Edison in 1879 has shown remarkable longevity in automotive applications. Automotive LED applications had a market leadership position for almost a decade. In the near-future automotive lighting market innovation will soon be pioneered by lasers. The market reign of LEDs is not coming to an end already, but it’s notorious position as a technology leader might soon be threatened. Lasers will become the next generation of automotive lighting technology. Read more

Vehicle Companion Peripheral Systems

Automotive systems and modules have been used mostly in order to manage automotive complexity. The current trend indicates that the next generation of vehicle systems will be peripheral companion systems, which complement future automotive requirements. Read more
October 21, 20134 years ago

Volvo New Power Concept Replaces Conventional Batteries

Volvo has developed a new concept for storing electrical power using car body panels instead of a traditional battery. It may be a few years away from production, but it’s a very smart concept. Volvo is working together with independent research groups to develop a means of energy storage for future electric cars that does away completely with traditional battery and super capacitor systems, which typically carry considerable weight and take up a lot of space. The solution is a new type of material that integrates nano-structured batteries and super capacitors together with carbon fibre, which can be formed into body panels for a car. Read more
October 2, 20134 years ago

Lapa: Social Lost & Found

Losing your car keys can be more than just inconvenient; it can also be very expensive. But what can you do to avoid losing a set of keys? The best thing, of course, is to not lose them in the first place, but a recent survey found that 26% of drivers have suffered such a mishap. And one in 20 has been a victim of car key theft. Misplace your keys often? Better break yourself of that habit if your car has smart key technology. Lost or stolen keys can prove expensive and increasingly advanced car key systems mean the cost of getting a spare set has been rising. Read more
July 22, 20134 years ago

Automotive MIST

As automotive enthusiasm for the BRICs cools, the industry romances with a new emerging markets acronym, the MISTs (or MIKTs). Emerging automotive market investors have been deluged with a blizzard of catchy labels and acronyms. The automotive industry is looking for the next big thing beyond the four original BRIC nations; therefore new concepts such as MIST (Mexico, Indonesia, South Korea and Turkey) and Next 11 are formulated. Read more
June 6, 20134 years ago

OEM Signature Lighting

Luxury brands are usually wary of introducing accessories to accentuate exterior branding. High-efficiency LED lighting became one of Audi’s design signatures. The brand was hardly alone in using LEDs, but no one has adopted them as widely and successfully as Audi, which uses them to give every model a branding advantage. Naturally, when Mercedes chose to produce such an accessory for their cars, they wanted to refrain from adding something that could be seen as garish and keep it decidedly simple. Read more
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