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Japanese Automotive Industry Focuses on Luxury ©

Japanese Automotive Industry Focuses on Luxury

Japanese vehicle manufacturers are raising sales and profits, helped by economic recovery in the US and Japan. Toyota, Nissan and Honda are focusing less on budget vehicles and more on luxury cars with higher profit margins. Takeshi Miyao – CARNORAMA Japan analyst – says a weakening yen and a recovering US economy will lift North American sales growth and be a key profit driver for the big three Japanese vehicle manufacturers this year. Further down the road, he says sales will come from markets much closer to home. Read more

Chinese Protests (© AP)

Chinese Protests Impact Japanese Car Sales

Drama continues between Japan and China due to a territorial dispute they are having resulted in on-going anti-Japanese protests. These protests include boycotts of Japanese products all over China and profit margins have dropped sharply for Japanese businesses including Toyota, Nissan and Honda. Read more