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Creating Automotive Value

Automotive consulting, it is all about creating value!

Today countless innovative automotive business models are emerging. Entirely new automotive technologies and supply chains are forming as old ones crumble. Automotive startups are challenging the old guard, some of whom are struggling feverishly to reinvent themselves. How will automotive business models look like in two, five, ten, or even twenty years from now? Who will be among the dominant automotive players? Who will face competitors brandishing formidable new business models? Which trends can make automotive business more challenging? Or, which trends are being missed right now?

The scale and speed at which innovative business models are transforming the automotive industry landscape today is unprecedented. For entrepreneurs, executives, consultants, and academics, it is high time to understand the impact of this extraordinary automotive evolution. Now is the time to understand and to methodically address the challenge of automotive business model innovation. Ultimately, business model innovation is about creating value, for companies, customers, and society. It is about replacing outdated models.

But how can we systematically invent, design, and implement these powerful new automotive business models? How can we question, challenge, and transform old, outmoded ones? How can we turn visionary ideas into game-changing business models that challenge the establishment – or rejuvenate it if we ourselves are the incumbents?

At CARNORAMA we constantly look in to these issues. There isn’t always a right or wrong answer. However, CARNORAMA can evaluate your wish list and break down requirements. Subsequently systematically create, deliver and capture value. At its core, CARNORAMA has a minimalism approach, removing from our research stuff that doesn’t add automotive value so that we have more time, energy, and resources to spend on things that do.

CARNORAMA is a group of original thinkers, creative problem-solvers, and inspiring leaders who care about creating lasting value within the automotive industry. As social entrepreneurs, corporate intrapreneurs, and solution-minded activists, we are the cutting-edge R&D department of our automotive society. We celebrate individual contribution, and more importantly, we recognize that our collective impact transcends the accumulation of knowledge and expertise to embody a lifestyle commitment emblematic of the CARNORAMA psyche. Our work at CARNORAMA gives us unique insights and access so we can continuously expand our capability in making automotive innovation actionable and prevalent.

For-value is the new black. Our work isn’t just a gentle nudge for automotive action; rather, it’s an urgent call for creating automotive value. We are changing the rules of the game every day by forging meaningful partnerships to increase our collective impact. CARNORAMA is a for-value company. We don’t waste time debating whether we should be for-profit or non-profit; we simply focus on creating shared automotive value for all.

Size is no longer a guarantee of success in the automotive industry. Only those automotive companies that find new ways to create value will prosper in the future. The purpose of this article was to present a short opinion of automotive consulting today and highlight the need to constantly create value.

We were thinking about how automotive consulting provided by CARNORAMA is different than any other automotive consulting in the world today. For example, where as with other consultancies is all about showing up, putting in the time, being seen, attending meetings, perhaps doing paperwork, managing teams, pleasing executive committees, forcing sales numbers and all the rest. At CARNORAMA our recipe for success is simple; from the get-go is all about creating value.

As an automotive consulting firm if you provide generic, off-the-shelf, recycled services and no one buys them – then you must pivot, re-calibrate, or create another service. When we decided to launch CARNORAMA, we reflected about our lives and our next steps, and we became excited as we realised that it has always been about asking ourselves how can we create value for others? As an individual or as a company all you should care about is adding value. That value might not always be financial, but it translates into momentum, and the rest follows.

Although we also develop independent automotive research projects, we mostly serve clients who want to infuse more value into their business. 21st century automotive problems need 21st century solutions. We are not a traditional consultancy, in the common sense of the word, as we don’t just map out an automotive strategy and walk away. We are catalysts for added automotive value. We use our own knowledge, resources, and network of automotive experts to build solutions just for you. By helping you solve complex problems with the most effective approach, we walk the walk of promoting automotive innovation through meaningful projects. Instead of describing our expertise in traditional automotive categories such as strategy, supply, and technology, we’d like to say that we simply excel in ROI (return-on-investment).

But it all starts with: How can we create value for our clients? No matter the automotive topic. We are not satisfied providing consultancy services unless we have created value for someone, somehow, somewhere. We get up every morning looking for ways to create meaningful value within the automotive industry.

Consider for a moment. How can you create value?

The automotive industry has developed into a complex network of interrelations across the entire value system, where decisions at any level often impact various other levels. Today’s tough challenges in the automotive industry require players to find new ways to create value if they are to prosper. To successfully adapt, players need to be able to respond to changes with focus, responsiveness, variability and resilience. Players can accomplish this by leveraging strategic areas to transform to an on-demand-value automotive environment. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss how CARNORAMA can help you plan and prepare for an on-demand-value future.

Need our help? Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you need any assistance regarding this subject. We can provide data, forecasts, reports, and advisory services specific to your requirements. Click here and contact us now! We will reply within 48 hours.

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