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CARNORAMA began life in early 2000, the brainchild of automotive professional Antonio Ferreira, and it was developed to address a gap that exists in expert automotive industry trend analysis and technology news. Often automotive research is costly, inaccessible and ineffective to elite professionals that need timely views and news. CARNORAMA is changing the automotive world by making original high-quality expert trend reports, analysis, news and consultancy easily accessible to the community.

Operating out of Europe, the project saw rapid initial growth, due in no short measure to our superior automotive knowledge. This initial growth permitted the investment and creation in 2002 of v1.0, a true automotive community online. CARNORAMA is an independent, and innovative automotive focused web 2.0 consultancy, scanning the industry for the most promising views, trends, insights and ideas. Our research and consultancy services help everyone interested in the future of the automotive industry, to imagine new strategies, services and experiences.

CARNORAMA as a social think tank has been constantly expanding with new team members and with a growing range of additional features and exclusives to ensure users have an increasingly useful automotive resource. CARNORAMA is a global project with staff and visitors from all four corners of the world supporting the automotive industry with information, insights, and opinions only available here.

CARNORAMA is the innovative automotive consultancy service for the next generation of elite executives around the world. It enables them to remember the past, absorb the present, and imagine the future. As such we require our members to become part of CARNORAMA and be involved in something special. Together we can develop into the most respected and fastest growing automotive industry project in the world. The unique opinionated content is produced and sourced via our dedicated team of automotive industry professionals, which timely provide exclusive ‘caffeinated’ strategic trends and ideas.


A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.Oscar WildeCARNORAMA