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Tesla Battery Swap

Tesla unveiled a 90-second battery swap system. The niche vehicle manufacturer is planning to roll out premium battery-swapping stations later this year. Electric cars have been slow to catch on with consumers because of their high battery price, limited driving range and lack of a charging infrastructure. Tesla has been working to address some of those issues with fast-charging stations and now with the battery-swapping technology. A battery pack swap will cost between $60 and $80, about the same as filling up a 15-gallon tank. Read more

Shalom Better Place, Shalom Tesla © image:

Shalom Better Place, Shalom Tesla

More bad news on the EV front as unfortunately Project Better Place pulls the plug. We are sure the decision by Project Better Place to file for liquidation, which was announced on Sunday, wasn’t an easy one. We loved the ideals, mantra, and people at Better Place – although we always doubted the business acumen surrounding the concept. We guess Israel just wasn’t the promised land for Better Place. Read more

Tesla vs NY Times

Tesla vs NY Times

The Elon Musk (Tesla) vs John M. Broder (New York Times) saga still rumbles on quietly. Musk accuses Broder of sabotaging the road test. Broder claims he drove normally. Tesla revealed all media test cars are equipped with data logging technology that allows the company to monitor vehicles – blame Top Gear – LOL. Read more