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CARNORAMA is the first point of contact for all the major broadcasters and press offices worldwide when a commentary on breaking automotive news is required. Get authoritative and concise views that position the story into a realistic automotive context. CARNORAMA also supports press office contacts, so if you have breaking automotive news, please contact us and we will attempt to publish your relevant stories.

If you’re a journalist working on an automotive-related article, and you need a quick quote or insight, feel free to email Antonio Ferreira, founder of, who will normally get back to you within hours.

Antonio Ferreira
Founder, Global Managing Director & Co-Chief Editor

Antonio is a globally recognised automotive industry expert with almost two decades of experience. He consistently provides original, valuable, and outstanding consultancy services worldwide.

Regularly sought out for his fresh perspective and brutally-honest style of automotive consulting and journalism on everything from lifecycles and technology, to manufacturing and supply-chains. His recent focus has been automotive trends, and their impact on new automotive landscapes.

Digital strategies are now an essential part of any automotive future. Antonio is able to implement a digital worldview to the new challenges and ambitions of automotive and non-automotive organisations.

Needless to say, Antonio guarantees that CARNORAMA delivers on every promise made, and that every service provided represents the industry standard. CARNORAMA has always gone one step further by exceeding customer expectations.

His research activities start well before a vehicle goes into production, and end well beyond automotive hype cycles. With the current economic climate the entire lifecycle of the industry needs to be considered. Because if you’re going to provide targeted consultancy services, you first have to know where, along the whole lifecycle, improvements are going to have maximum effect for each customer.

Antonio has appeared and is regularly quoted in several media publications. With a knowledgeable, innovative, and straight-to-the-point attitude, he has provided consultancy services to most major automotive players around the world.

If you’re interested to have Antonio Ferreira advise you in any automotive topic, please don’t hesitate to contact him directly.

For full contact details, please refer to our CONTACT page.

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“…A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world…”
Oscar Wilde

Funny how recessions concentrate the mind. In just over a month automotive startup CARNORAMA has made the full journey from an idea with a vague business model, to an innovative automotive trends consultancy service for the next generation of elite executives. The project now aggregates gratis and premium services. The bold move means it has now attracted first round investment led by an experienced team of angel investors.

“…remember the past, absorb the present, and imagine the future…”

CARNORAMA, the brainchild of automotive expert Antonio Ferreira, addresses a gap that exists in expert automotive trend analysis. Often automotive research is complex, costly, inaccessible and ineffective to elite professionals that need timely views. CARNORAMA is changing the automotive world by making high-quality expert trend reports, forecasts and advice easily accessible to the community. Constantly scanning the industry for the most promising views, trends, insights and ideas CARNORAMA helps everyone interested in the future of the automotive industry to imagine new strategies, services and experiences.

“…feasibly transform your automotive business ideas into reality…”

CARNORAMA constantly runs a number of independent research and analysis projects; usually with the network support of automotive sponsors. CARNORAMA feasibly transforms fresh automotive business ideas into reality. The team timely highlight ground breaking news, critical views and emerging trends within each automotive sector. Their in-depth insights and methodology recognise hype cycle stages and major business opportunities. CARNORAMA identifies emerging opportunities allowing customers to stay ahead of the automotive curve with original in-depth reports, forecasts and consultancy services.

“…taking over the world might be around the corner after all…”

Antonio Ferreira, founder and CEO, reckons that “The automotive elite needs to feasibly and timely transform fresh automotive business ideas into reality. The road to hell is paved with good intentions and the current state of the automotive industry requires major players to make tough decisions; quickly and efficiently. Therefore elite executives have to look beyond just preliminary research methodologies and focus on what counts – action. The gap CARNORAMA successfully addresses…TRENDS. CARNORAMA is definitely not your parents’ automotive industry research/forecast/consultancy firm, but for you taking over the world might be around the corner after all.”.

CARNORAMA: Automotive Views

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