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New Delhi Auto Expo 2014 Review

As we publish this, the New Delhi Auto Expo is coming to an end. The biennial event was special in the sense that it was perhaps the first edition ever to be held in the face of a recession – the Indian passenger vehicle market hasn’t had a significant dip in the last 15 years. However, the year 2013 has been a disaster and 2014 hasn’t started off any better with January sales down 9.34% year-on-year. Read more
July 31, 20133 years ago

Japanese Automotive Industry Focuses on Luxury

Japanese vehicle manufacturers are raising sales and profits, helped by economic recovery in the US and Japan. Toyota, Nissan and Honda are focusing less on budget vehicles and more on luxury cars with higher profit margins. Takeshi Miyao – CARNORAMA Japan analyst – says a weakening yen and a recovering US economy will lift North American sales growth and be a key profit driver for the big three Japanese vehicle manufacturers this year. Further down the road, he says sales will come from markets much closer to home. Read more
June 11, 20133 years ago

Apple iOS in the Car Infotainment System

Apple’s answer is to put the phone into the infotainment system. Creatively named iOS in the Car, Apple plans to integrate your iOS device with your vehicle. Vehicle infotainment systems are nothing new. Over the last decade we’ve seen improvements to dashboard systems that control information and entertainment trickling down from luxury vehicles to economies of scale. Infotainment systems are now almost a commodity but in real-life testing proprietary automotive solutions are usually found lacking and deficient in common sense. Can Apple once again improve on the benchmarks and break the mould of vehicle infotainment? Read more
March 19, 20134 years ago

Android Powered Volvo Infotainment System

Automotive infotainment systems will grow to a market of almost 70 million units by 2020; with connected navigation, multimedia streaming, social media, in-car Wi-Fi, and many other features. True factory-installed automotive infotainment platforms always struggled to find momentum and match consumer demands and expectations (for example consortiums like GENIVI and CCC). The automotive industry has been forced to adopt modified smartphone platforms like Android to compensate for the existing gap between automotive hypothesis and consumer reality. Read more
October 18, 20124 years ago

Steering-by-Wire Reaches Nissan Production

Nissan plans to sell cars controlled by steer-by-wire technology within a year. Finally automotive x-by-wire reaches production stage, after decades of developments and delays. Now Nissan is taking electronic steering to its logical conclusion by eliminating any direct connection between the steering wheel and the front wheels, except in an emergency, with the first fly-by-wire steering system in a production car. Read more
October 10, 20124 years ago

Chinese Protests Impact Japanese Car Sales

Drama continues between Japan and China due to a territorial dispute they are having resulted in on-going anti-Japanese protests. These protests include boycotts of Japanese products all over China and profit margins have dropped sharply for Japanese businesses including Toyota, Nissan and Honda. Read more
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