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Automotive Consulting

Automotive Consulting

When it comes to gauging delivery quality, the growing trend within our client base is to implement a fairly structured approach by which delivery success is evaluated across time, quality, and cost parameters. This approach allows for a 360-degree review of each specific engagement, with the client evaluating CARNORAMA and vice versa. A weighted average overall performance score can be calculated for the engagement and evaluated against a detailed scoring grid. By taking a 360-degree approach to measuring the quality, timeliness, and cost-effectiveness of delivery, clients are able to evaluate and gauge the effectiveness of CARNORAMA as well as our teams, based upon a consistent set of objective, measurable, and verifiable criteria.

The following criteria should be utilised by clients to measure the quality and effectiveness of an automotive consultancy:

  • Quality of consultant team:
    • Did the consultant team bring the requisite level of automotive experience as well as industry and functional expertise?


  • Consultant value delivered:
    • Did the consulting firm exceed the automotive value proposition articulated in their proposal or in the original project objectives?
    • Did it bring automotive industry-leading solutions and leverage their tools, techniques, methodologies, and bank of intellectual capital?
    • Was there an effective automotive knowledge transfer embedded into the client base?


  • Consultant service levels:
    • Did the consultant exceed client service level expectations in terms of proactively resolving issues, delivering quality proposals, and managing the change control process and overall delivery process throughout the engagement lifecycle?


  • Timeliness of delivery:
    • Were milestones met and deliverables provided in a manner consistent with the requirements articulated in the statement of work?


  • Cost-effectiveness of delivery:
    • Were actual costs less than budget?
    • Did the consultant focus upon controlling and reducing costs where possible?
    • Were invoices submitted in a timely and accurate manner?


Currently having doubts regarding the automotive consultant you are working with? Are you looking for a feasible alternative? Searching for a better solution? Look no further, CARNORAMA should always be your preferred automotive consultancy choice. CARNORAMA’s success recipe is quite simple – we combine timely, quality, and cost-effective delivery with trusted advisor relationships with key executives across the client organisation.

CARNORAMA Advisory – our automotive consulting team – explores emerging trends and accurately predicts the future direction of the automotive industry. Requested by clients, assembled by our team of automotive experts, and backed up by analysis of our extensive market data. You get in-depth intelligence and expert analysis, trend overviews, detailed reports, and accurate forecasts. Our custom-made Advisory services are the perfect roadmap for your creative and commercial teams.

The relevance of automotive cycles is changing. CARNORAMA gives you a greater confidence in your product decisions, the ability to shorten your lead times and be more responsive to market shifts. Our Advisory service is essential for the next generation of automotive elite executives around the world. Enabling them to remember the past, absorb the present, and imagine the future.

When you require greater focus on a specific automotive issue than may otherwise be available from syndicated research services, CARNORAMA provides targeted automotive research solutions. These efforts utilise our intelligence gathering infrastructure but are custom designed to fit your requirements. For example:

  • Analyst Advisory Sessions
    • Our analysts are available to conduct advisory sessions for your board, sales force, clients, prospects, etc.


  • Custom Research Reports
    • Perform due diligence on a particular automotive market segment, examine automotive trends, survey your clients, etc.


  • Tailored Forecasting
    • Assess the automotive market opportunity for product launches, expansion with market sizing and segmentation, etc.


  • Executive Presentations
    • Distill the top line research into summaries, presentations, etc.


Need our help? Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you need any assistance regarding this subject. We can provide data, forecasts, reports, and advisory services specific to your requirements. Click here and contact us now! We will reply within 48 hours.

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