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Vehicle Companion Peripheral Systems

Vehicle Companion Peripheral Systems

Automotive systems and modules have been used mostly in order to manage automotive complexity. The current trend indicates that the next generation of vehicle systems will be peripheral companion systems, which complement future automotive requirements.

Renault’s latest concept car – the Renault Kwid – gives drivers an unusual companion: a small flying drone, controllable via tablet or preset GPS waypoints, which scans the area ahead for obstacles and traffic. The so-called “flying companion” can exit the vehicle via a retractable hatch in the roof, and buzz around the immediate vicinity shooting video and photos.

Obviously the Renault Kwid companion is only a concept sci-fi gadget appealing to the geek inside all of us. In reality it would just be another potential distraction for the modern driver, even if it’s designed more for passenger use. The drone is a little far-fetched, but how long until OEMs start considering realistic vehicle companion peripheral systems? Today automotive companion drones and robots are more of a gimmick than production reality, but still they add up when common sense rules are applied to the concept.

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    I just added this feed to my bookmarks. I have to say, I very much enjoy reading your blogs. Keep it up!


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