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Lapa: Social Lost & Found

Lapa: Social Lost & Found

Losing your car keys can be more than just inconvenient; it can also be very expensive. But what can you do to avoid losing a set of keys?

The best thing, of course, is to not lose them in the first place, but a recent survey found that 26% of drivers have suffered such a mishap. And one in 20 has been a victim of car key theft. Misplace your keys often? Better break yourself of that habit if your car has smart key technology. Lost or stolen keys can prove expensive and increasingly advanced car key systems mean the cost of getting a spare set has been rising.

Every now and then a truly innovative simple idea emerges within the automotive industry. That’s the case of Lapa, a tiny device that connects with your phone via Bluetooth 4.0 to make sure you’ll never lose your car keys, or even your car, out of sight again. Lapa is a small device that can be stuck to your car’s interior or attached to your car keys so you can locate them using the Lapa App. One of Lapa’s features is called ‘Scan and Beep’, which makes it great to attach it to your car keys. This simple feature enables you to quickly locate them by following the radar on your phone or making them beep to hear them around you. It’s a time saver guarantee. This is perfect to know where you last left your keys and proves to be a solution when stuck to the inside of your car i.e. finding it on a parking lot.

Another feature is called ‘Track On The Map’, made for you to remember your Lapa’s last seen GPS location on a map. And besides ‘Track On the Map’ proving to be a pretty straightforward attribute, its capabilities go far beyond its original functionality when combined with other aspects that Lapa has to offer. Imagine you’re traveling along with friends or colleagues in different vehicles. How great would it be to know everyone’s location so you wouldn’t get lost? With a feature called ‘Share With Friends’, drivers can access each other’s Lapa location on the map directly from their phone. The map shows all vehicles simultaneously, making it easy for you to travel as a group.

The social aspect of Lapa can create solutions for an array of possibilities. The fact that one Lapa App can control unlimited Lapas from one phone makes it a great investment. It’s basically a lost & found social network inside a shell, where everyone can help each other out. Lapa invites everyone interested to imagine new approaches to its use, whether applied to personal life or business strategy.

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