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Better Place

Shalom Better Place, Shalom Tesla © image:

Shalom Better Place, Shalom Tesla

More bad news on the EV front as unfortunately Project Better Place pulls the plug. We are sure the decision by Project Better Place to file for liquidation, which was announced on Sunday, wasn’t an easy one. We loved the ideals, mantra, and people at Better Place – although we always doubted the business acumen surrounding the concept. We guess Israel just wasn’t the promised land for Better Place. Read more

Shai Agassi

Better Place board expels Shai Agassi as CEO

The board of electric car venture Better Place has removed founder Shai Agassi as CEO of the global company. He will be replaced by Evan Thornley, CEO of Better Place Australia, who has been appointed CEO of the global company. Agassi will continue as a board member and shareholder in the company he founded. Read more