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Relax and let CARNORAMA worry about the research process. When the challenges knock at your door you simply need to act swiftly and make accurate decisions to ensure the best ROI possible.

With most research projects, we request a 50% downpayment prior to scheduling the work. This is payable by a number of methods: via bank transfer, PayPal, or by sending a bank draft. All details are included in an initial proposal, and the remaining 50% is payable upon completion of the project, prior to supply of final documentation.

Automotive has been a global industry for decades. CARNORAMA is headquartered in Europe, but has team members in every major automotive region. The vast majority of our clients come from Europe, Asia, and Americas. So no specific country or region. Location hasn’t adversely affected any previous research projects, and whilst we would love to meet all our clients face-to-face, it can often save time and money by communicating only via telephone and email.

It’s possible, but not likely. We need to pay close attention to current clients and their ongoing projects. Taking on too much work at once will adversely affect the outcome. Just ask. Usually we can start projects within four weeks of initial request.

Time frames vary from one week to upwards of twelve months, depending on specifics and deliverables, with the “average” project duration lasting four to eight weeks. As each project is different, we learn individual client needs before providing a deadline.

An obviously important question, but one that can’t be answered without specific details about the research project. Every request is different, so it makes sense to tailor a quote to individual needs. Pricing varies depending upon a large number of factors.

CARNORAMA is required brain food for automotive minds! Whether you’re an entrepreneur, head of a start-up, management consultant, marketing manager, consumer insights expert, industry watcher, journalist, private investor, business development director, or venture capitalist, CARNORAMA will instantly inspire you by getting the world’s most promising new automotive trends right in front of you.

CARNORAMA is a social think tank that provides you with the tools to increase, automate, forecast and greatly accelerate your knowledge base. The CARNORAMA process provides updated automotive knowledge at a click of a button without worrying about time and cost. And yet, it still gives you total control over the required information.

CARNORAMA contains information made up of usually opinionated, frequently updated posts that are arranged chronologically like a journal and organized like a catalogue. The content and purpose of CARNORAMA varies greatly from trends, views, and news about the industry, to exclusives, photos, reports, forecasts, etc. Some areas of CARNORAMA are for play. Some are for work. Some are both.

CARNORAMA is an innovative trend consultancy that keeps executives updated with the automotive industry instantly, whenever the urge strikes. CARNORAMA is the leading community in the rapidly moving automotive industry.