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Android Powered Volvo Infotainment System

Android Powered Volvo Infotainment System

Automotive infotainment systems will grow to a market of almost 70 million units by 2020; with connected navigation, multimedia streaming, social media, in-car Wi-Fi, and many other features.

True factory-installed automotive infotainment platforms always struggled to find momentum and match consumer demands and expectations (for example consortiums like GENIVI and CCC). The automotive industry has been forced to adopt modified smartphone platforms like Android to compensate for the existing gap between automotive hypothesis and consumer reality. Standard automotive lifecycles simply struggle to maintain infotainment systems up-to-date and relevant during the lifecycle of a vehicle.

Volvo and Neonode have come together to launch a new in-car infotainment system powered by none other than the world’s most popular mobile operating system right now – Android. This new infotainment system is called the Sensus Connected Touch and it looks just about ready to truly usher in the era of networked smart vehicles.

The Volvo infotainment system uses a seven-inch touchscreen that runs the Google Android operating system. That seven-inch screen uses Neonode Multisensing technology to create an advanced touch interactive infotainment system that is easy for drivers to use. Volvo and Neonode note that the system is specifically designed and developed to fulfil strict safety regulations.

The goal during development was to create an infotainment system that delivers lots of capability while minimizing distraction to the driver. Neonode says that the technology used provides a 100% transparent no-glare interface that is undisturbed by electrical interference and other light sources, including sunlight. The technology is based on infrared light enabling touch control using any type of object including gloved fingers, car keys, styluses, or ordinary pens.

Sensus Connected Touch users will be able to do all sorts of things that require an Internet connection, including surfing the Web with a full HTML web browser, listening to songs and other types of audio via radio and podcasts, getting the latest weather updates in real time, and gaining easy access to all types of data and information. It also offers a number of useful extras like an option to turn the car into a Wi-Fi hotspot, and a feature that lets drivers locate the nearest Volvo service center based on their current location.

And speaking of location, the Sensus Connected Touch also has a connected GPS system which serves as the built-in tool for navigation. That, along with the built-in maps, should be enough to help drivers stay on track and on schedule wherever they go.

As it is, the Sensus Connected Touch infotainment system is already quite impressive. It isn’t ground-breaking by any means, but it’s certainly a step in the right direction. And it will undoubtedly be even better in the future – as long as Volvo provides vehicles with regular system updates.

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