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Automotive Smart Memory Materials

Automotive Smart Memory Materials

Automotive engineers have been experimenting with shape-memory alloys and polymers that are referred to as “smart materials”. They change their shape, strength or stiffness when heat, stress, a magnetic field or electrical voltage is introduced. A family of materials with an capability to alter a couple of its original properties by the application of any external stimuli, such as anxiety, temperature, moisture, pH, electric and magnetic fields are referred to as smart materials. Smart materials are lifeless materials that assimilate distinct functions such as sensing, actuation, logic and control to adaptively react to alterations in their environment to which they are exposed, in a constructive and mostly recurring way. Thermo-responsive materials such as shape memory alloys or shape memory polymers are smart materials which change their shape with alter in temperature. Read more

January 17, 20134 years ago

Upbeat Detroit Motor Show

Rarely was a discouraging opinion heard at this year’s Detroit Motor Show, with every major global brand generating solid profits and a positive forecast for 2013. Apparently, the days of doom and gloom are over, and at least on the surface everything is perfect with our beloved automotive industry. Read more