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Archive for January 2013

January 17, 20134 years ago

Sergio ‘Nostradamus’ Marchionne European Doomsday Prophecies

The US market is now riding high, therefore the concern is still Europe and Fiat’s boss, Sergio Marchionne, had some words of warning at the Detroit Auto Show. Marchionne, who also heads up American car firm Chrysler, drew parallels with what happened in the US industry when the economic crisis hit in 2007. Read more
January 17, 20134 years ago

Upbeat Detroit Motor Show

Rarely was a discouraging opinion heard at this year’s Detroit Motor Show, with every major global brand generating solid profits and a positive forecast for 2013. Apparently, the days of doom and gloom are over, and at least on the surface everything is perfect with our beloved automotive industry. Read more
Audi R8 E-Tron: Electric Vehicle Limitations

Electric Vehicle Limitations

The simple truth is that presently EVs are not a comprehensive solution for all our transportation needs, instead it’s an option that will satisfy only some of our basic requirements. Current Electric Vehicle (EV) limitations are beyond obvious. The challenges of short ranges, long charge times, and hefty price tags indicate that answering the “How far, how long, how much?” EV riddle is still a complex one. As in: – How far can I drive my EV on a single charge? – How long does it take to completely charge my EV? – How much does my EV cost me? Read more