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New e-fuels developed by Audi

Audi Pioneers Fuel Alternatives Using Waste Water

Audi e-fuels are produced by combining salt or waste water with waste CO2, sunlight and special microorganisms

Audi engineers have contributed to a breakthrough of almost miraculous proportions by helping to develop fuels for the TFSI and TDI engines of the very near future using nothing more than lengths of ordinary-looking pipe, waste CO2, sunlight and microscopic organisms suspended in waste water.

The remarkable new ‘wonder-fuels’ have been developed by Audi and its US-based specialist fuels partner Joule. The ‘refineries’ responsible for them are the photosynthetic microorganisms injected into brackish water standing in the lengths of pipe.

The unparalleled global viability of these new fuels lies not only in the exceptionally simple and relatively inexpensive process which creates them, but also in the fact that the ‘feedstock’ used to produce them is entirely renewable. The crop-based biomass that has traditionally been a key constituent of synthetic fuels, and that could often otherwise be used for human consumption, is not required here.

The partnership between Audi and Joule has been in place since 2011. Joule has protected its technology with patents for which Audi has acquired exclusive rights in the automotive field. Audi engineers with extensive know-how in the areas of fuel and engine testing are helping to further develop these remarkable fuels so that they can genuinely be brought to market.

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